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7,500 spectators allowed at the Monaco Grand Prix



The Monaco Grand Prix, which will be held on May 23, will be able to accommodate 7,500 spectators, following a decision by the Principality’s government.

The Monaco Grand Prix, the fifth meeting of the World Championship this year on May 23, will be held with 7,500 spectators, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The government of the Principality of Monaco announced it on Tuesday.

Each spectator will have previously passed a PCR test, the result of which must be negative. But residents, employees of the Principality and Monegasques will be exempt. There will be no restriction on the origin of the public.

The first GP of the year with so many spectators
« It is both important (that the Grand Prix) is held with a minimum participation of the public and in unquestionable sanitary conditions, said Pierre Dartout, the Minister of State of Monaco. We are all attached to it taking place in the best possible conditions, both for what it represents on the economic level, particularly in the hotel and restaurant industry, but also for the image of the Principality.  »

The capacity of 7,500 spectators is quite exceptional in the current health context, since in France outdoor sports establishments will only be able to welcome the public from May 19 with a capacity strictly limited to 1,000 spectators.

This will be the first GP of the season to be held with such a large audience, while F1 has been operating under a bubble since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Already 4,000 tickets sold
Last year, the Grand Prix of Tuscany was the first to gather a public, from September 11 to 13, with nearly 3,000 spectators per day. Other GPs were then able to welcome more spectators, in Russia, Germany or Portugal, where about 25,000 spectators were present.

This year, some spectators vaccinated or cured of Covid-19 were present for the Bahrain Grand Prix, on March 28. The GPs of Emilia Romagna and Portugal were held behind closed doors. The Spanish Grand Prix is expected to be attended by 1,000 people on Sunday.

Cancelled last year, the Monaco GP has sold « already 4,000 tickets, » said Christian Tornatore, the general commissioner of the Automobile Club de Monaco. He added that the 7,500 tickets offered this year correspond to one out of every three seats, to allow for distancing.

3,000 spectators only on Friday
The Grand Prix will be limited to 3,000 spectators on May 21, the day of the first qualifying sessions, to spare the organization. There will be no fan zone or standing room only. The most delicate point will be the return of the spectators, after the races, to avoid crowds.

Pierre Dartout said that controls will be reinforced at the border, especially at the train station, with personnel trained to detect any falsified tests. Several organizational points will be developed at a later date, such as the size of yachts and balconies allowed, and access to restaurants, which are currently forbidden to non-residents.

« Bars should be open between 6:00 and 11:00 for breakfast and there will probably be some flexibility » for restaurants, added Pierre Dartout.

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