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While he had just joined the Brooklyn armada, the strong winger retires because of an irregular heartbeat.

A small tour then leaves. Just landed in Brooklyn, LaMarcus Aldridge announced this Thursday that he retires. Seven times All Star, the 35 years old strong wing took this decision because of an irregular heartbeat, he was in his 15th season in the NBA. « For 15 years I put basketball first, but now it’s time to prioritize my heart and my family, » he says on social media. In his first season in the big North American basketball league, in 2006-07, doctors had diagnosed him with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, a rare heart rhythm disorder. By 2017, he had suffered from a minor heart arrhythmia.

The individual recounts his experience in this lengthy message. « In my last game (last weekend, a loss to the L.A. Lakers, 101-126), I played with an irregular heartbeat. Later that night, my rhythm got even worse, which really worried me even more. The next morning I explained to the team what was going on and they were great about taking me to the hospital to get checked out. Even though I’m getting better, what I felt in my heart that night is still one of the scariest things I’ve experienced. »

The Nets with LaMarcus Aldridge
A decision obviously « supported » by the Nets, « his health and well-being being much more important than basketball, » as the GM of the New York franchise, Sean Marks, says. « We know it was not an easy decision for him, but after a thorough review and consultation with several medical experts, he made the best decision for him, his family, and his life after basketball, » adds the aforementioned Sean Marks.

Second choice of the 2006 Draft, LaMarcus Aldridge hangs up after turning to 19.4 points, 8.2 rebounds and 2 assists (1029 games). He wore the colors of Portland (2006-16) and San Antonio (2016-21) before joining the Brooklyn armada a few days ago, to help Kevin Durant, James Harden, Kyrie Irving and company in their conquest of the title. If so, it would be the first title for the former New Jersey-based club. It also would have been LaMarcus Aldridge’s first. « You never know when the end of something might come, so be sure to enjoy every day. I can definitely say I did, » he says, before embarking on his second life.

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