DNCG: the catastrophic figures for Ligue 1 clubs

The DCNG has released its report on the economic situation of professional clubs in France. As expected, the figures are very bad after a season shaken by the health crisis and the departure of Mediapro.

As every year, the DNCG publishes its report of the previous year. This season 2020/2021 had been marked by the economic and health crisis between the covid, the closure of the stands and the Mediapro fiasco. So we had to expect really bad figures and it did not fail. Only Saint-Etienne, Reims and Dijon, who went down to Ligue 2, ended the season with positive figures. 17 out of 20 Ligue 1 clubs recorded negative results for a total of €645 million in net losses.

The previous year, the first division teams had “limited” themselves to a deficit of €269 million. This corresponds to a drop of 155% according to the report. Unsurprisingly, PSG (-€224 million), OL (-€107 million) and OM (-€76 million) are the worst performers, followed closely by Bordeaux (-€67 million). Currently 19th in Ligue 1, it is even easier to understand how the situation is becoming very worrying for Bordeaux. The other clubs have suffered a little less.

A very worrying situation

These poor results can be explained quite easily. After a gauge set at 5,000 spectators per stadium, the government has flatly banned the public from October of this 2020/2021 season. Without income from ticketing and side events on match days, the clubs have seen their accounts collapse, earning only €7.9 million on the whole. For comparison, in the previous year, when the pandemic stopped on the 28th day, the clubs had already received most of their income during these match days (170 M€ on the whole).

Other the covid-19, Mediapro withdrew from December 2020. Paradoxically, the French teams have received more TV rights (18% increase) since the revenues of these broadcasts have increased from 795 M€ per season to 940 M€. PSG benefited the most (€24.1 million), followed by OM (€10.9 million), OL (€8.3 million) and Stade Rennais (€7.9 million). On the other hand, the debts of each club have exploded (+55%), while the equity has decreased (-30%), making the economic situation of the Ligue 1 worrying.

The net results of the League 1 clubs after the 2020/2021 season:

Angers : – 19,6 M€ (-)

Bordeaux: – €67 million

Brest: – €4.5 million

Dijon: + 951,000

Lens : – 23,8 M€

LOSC : – €23.1M

Lorient : – 10,8 M€

OL : – €107.4M

OM : – €76.3M

Metz: – €10.3m

Monaco: down €116,000

Montpellier: – €15.1m

Nantes : – 1 M€

OGC Nice: down €30.1m

Nîmes: -7.7 M

PSG: – 224,2 M€

Reims: +€2.2m

Stade Rennais: – €19.7m

Saint-Etienne : + € 62,000

Strasbourg : – 7.4 M€


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