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For a few moments on Saturday, Sabrina Kvist Jensen, Christian Eriksen’s wife, thought her husband had died. It was the Danish national team goalkeeper, Kasper Schmeichel, who rushed to her to reassure her.

Christian Eriksen’s girlfriend, Sabrina Kvist Jensen, had the fright of her life on Saturday. Towards the end of the first half of Denmark-Finland (0-1), far from the ball and from any opponent, Eriksen collapsed suddenly on the field, his eyes revolting, victim of a cardiac arrest. But as everyone rushed around the midfielder to help him, his wife was distraught.

The terrible incident happened not far from where the players’ wives were. Sabrina Kvist Jensen, a mother of two, thought her husband was gone, taken away by fate, just like that, with a snap of her fingers. Speaking to BBC Radio Five Live, Peter Schmeichel explained how his son Kasper, the team’s goalkeeper, rushed to Sabrina Kvist Jensen to reassure her.

Still no explanation for the cardiac arrest

“Christian’s wife would have seen it, she came to the field. You can tell by the reaction of… my son Kasper, who rushed to her. I obviously talked to him last night and he went to tell her that Christian was breathing. She thought he had passed away.” Kasper Schmeichel and Danish captain Simon Kjaer overcame their own anguish at losing their friend to support Sabrina Kvist Jensen until she was reassured.

Doctors still have “no explanation” for Christian Eriksen’s heart condition during the Denmark-Finland game, the Danish national team doctor said Sunday. “For now, we have no explanation,” said Morten Boesen. “That’s one of the reasons why he is still hospitalized, to understand what happened,” he said, adding that the examinations carried out were “good”.

The match had been interrupted before resuming and ending in a defeat for the Danes (1-0). “This is a ridiculous decision by UEFA,” Schmeichel said of UEFA’s controversial decision. They should have tried to work out a different scenario and show some compassion.” The players also lamented this on Monday, regretting that they had little choice.

“We have been put in a position where I personally think we should not have been put,” Kasper Schmeichel stressed at a press conference with the Danish media in Helsingor north of Copenhagen.

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