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Football Equipment: Balls



In simple words, a football is nothing but a ball, and is used for playing an outdoor sport called
football. A football can be of one of the 2 shapes:

 Sphere: It is used in Gaelic football and soccer.
 Oval: These can be with rounded ends (which are used in Australian rules football,
Rugby league and Rugby Union football), or with sharp ends (used in Canadian and
American football)
The exact shape and make of the football is given in the rules and regulations of the game.


Law 2 of Football regulations specifies that the ball must be spherical, and filled with air, having
a circumference of 68-70cm, weight of about 410-450g, and the inflation of the ball should be
about 8-12 psi. The outer cover must be made of leather or “other suitable material”. The ball of
Size 5 is generally recommended.

The official ball used in 2006 FIFA World Cup

The 14-panel football manufactured by Adidas was the official football used during the 2006
FIFA World Cup. In fact, Adidas has provided the footballs for this tournament since the past
three and a half decades, but for the future cups, FIFA has plans to alternate between Adidas
and Nike for the official football match balls.

In the North America, football is often called “pigskin”, mainly because earlier on, the skin of pig
was used as a cover for the ball. But when the Asian and the US government realized that
manufacturing a ball; with that material was uneconomical, a movement was initiated by the
AATUPS in the year 1932, who claimed that it was inhuman to be cruel to a pig.

Almost a prolate spheroid, the ball has sharp edges, but the Canadian football is less prolate
compared to the American football, and closely resembles a rugby ball. The ball is about 28cm
long, with a circumference of 56cm at the center. The ball’s exterior is made of leather, which is
a professional requirement. Otherwise plastic or rubber can be used for this purpose.
To aid the players in getting a proper grip of the ball, a pebble-grain material is generally
stamped on the ball. The stamp may either be the manufacturer’s name, logo of the tournament,
signatures or some other thing.

For every football, 4 panels of leather or whatever material is used, are needed. Manufacturing
takes place only after a quality check has been done. Two of the panels have a small hole
which facilitates their lacing. Of these, one has another hole, and it holds the inflation valve.
Every panel is internally attached with each other, and are stitched together in an inside-out
fashion. However, the two edges for laces are not stitched.

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