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Football Equipment: Football Cleats



Football, a game where agility matches speed, technique endorses science and intelligence is
the score-maker, is a very popular sport of the fast generation today. Almost all the international
players of the game can be named by any kid in town. Football fevers run high during any
match and the favorites have to keep constant vigil so as to maintain their positions in the world
rankings. The main weapon of a foot baller is, as the name suggests, his feet. Therefore it is
very important for a player to keep his legs and feet in the right condition, even during the game.
Thus footballs cleats have been produced to enhance the skill of the feet.

Different from any other type of cleat a football cleat is much more sophisticated and
manufactured keeping in view the position of the player, height, weight, balance and running
style. Even the shots the player is expected to play determine the structure of the cleat. The
cleats may also be different for different field types as well as climate types. The portion of the
cleat which is above the foot, as in cleats for soccer, is made out of leather or any other
polyester like material. The leather ones last longer, are very comfortable, gives space to the
feet to breathe but with only one drawback, that they are not good for the wet climate. The
polyester-made ones, on the other hand, are fit for all types of climates and due to their low
price is highly in demand.

In general there are three types of football cleats.
(a)high-top cleats—Used generally by the linemen it is designed in a way so as to provide
support to the ankle while moving laterally.

(b)Mid-cut cleats—Used by the players who play in the defense position, along the field,
receive the ball and quarterbacks. It is effective for these players as they need support while
maneuvering the ball.

(c)Low-cut cleats— used by the players who are light-weight and require the maximum
flexibility for tackling the ball efficiently.

Reebok and Adidas have just the right types of cleats if you need one.
Another classification of the cleats can be done on the basis of the field type.

(a)Molded cleats—in this the sole on the bottom is irremovable. This type can be used for fields
with grass on them as the spring-action of these cleats is very high.

(b)Detachable cleats—these are cleats where the sole can be changed to fit the field type.
Therefore you can customize your cleats depending on the field type. The system uses studs to
grip onto the outer casing of the shoe, which can also be varied according to field requirements.
So buy a cleat today if you want one

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