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A football kit is very important for a football team to perform well on the field. To cite an
example, Manchester United, just a few seasons back, felt that owing to the grey color of their
kit, they were not able to pick out their own team players with passes. They decided to change
their kit midway, and finally won the match.

A good football kit is determined by many factors. The looks, durability and performance are
primary areas to keep in mind for this purpose. Let’s discuss all these issues individually.
Looks: Though looks don’t matter in theory, it has been proved that if a team looks good in a
kit, they have a psychological advantage and they turn out to perform well. On the flip side, if a
team feels that they are not looking good in a kit, they will be filled by these negative feelings
which in turn will affect their overall performance in the game. So it thus becomes clear that the
looks of a bit is an important factor.

Durability: Looks cannot overpower the importance of durability. Looks cannot do any good if
the kit will wear out in the middle of the season. Most of the modern kits use a fabric which
stretches, and not tears at the seams, have sufficient sheen in them, and most importantly, do
not shrink when they are washed. A fact is that during summers, kits are exposed to a lot of
moisture and mud, so it’s always better to buy a kit that can easily withstand a hot weekly

Performance: In today’s times, fabrics matter a lot. Most of the big names like Nike, Puma,
Adidas, etc., have come up with fabrics which have different reaction under various
performance and climatic conditions. Today, there are fabrics which can stretch themselves to a
size much greater than their actual size, thus helping a player to bring sweat on their surface for
evaporation, thus allowing them to cool off. But comfort is an important factor here. It’s
impractical to expect a player to give in his best if he is constantly feeling the discomfort with his
strip. Poor quality strip can cause irritation to the player’s skin.

So after the above discussion, it is very clear that football kits are very important for the tam’s
performance. Whether you are in charge of a professional team, or a local club team, do keep
the factors mentioned above in mind while selecting a supplier of football kit for your soccer

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