OM-Feyenoord: not far from chaos

Olympique de Marseille has known some tough receptions in European Cup this season. That of Feyenoord Rotterdam was no exception to the rule, with many clashes before the match.

Olympique de Marseille matches are high risk all season long. In Ligue 1, the prefects often ban visitors. But things seem to be a bit more complicated in Europe. The match against Galatasaray was tense, with clashes between the fans of Basel and OM and then between the fans of PAOK Salonika and Marseille.

The Dutch, although quiet at home in the first leg, are not known for being choirboys either. In fact, the clashes began late Wednesday afternoon in the Old Port before continuing in the city. With 3,200 fans in the stadium plus 1,500 without a ticket, the Bouches-du-Rhône police prefecture had enough to have cold sweats.

They tried everything with a fan zone on the beach of the Prado to supervise those without tickets. But it was not enough. From the place Castellane to the Orange Velodrome, there is not more than two kilometers, but the cars were not moving and it took almost two hours to reach the home of the Phocéens. The reason? A fight in front of the Jean Bouin square, forcing the police to intervene and to completely block this very big axis. Even the Feyenoord bus took a long time to arrive, entering the stadium only one hour before the kick-off.

The Feyenoord bus took a stone

Orkun Kökçü, the Dutch club’s playmaker, said: “Yesterday it took us 15 minutes, which was a bit too long for me. Tonight, at the same time, I was looking at google map, it lasted another hour. I believe that one threw a stone to us on the bus. We stayed cool and tried not to be intimidated. The atmosphere was still pretty hot.

Inside the stadium, it was also hot. Thick smoke (a mixture of smoke and tear gas) blocked the view for almost everyone. But we could at least admire a huge tifo in the south corner with an inscription: UEFA Mafia, just before a huge crackdown. Shortly afterwards, the fans of the Rotterdam club tried to attack the police, but they were met with tear gas. But it did not stop there, since the exit of the stadium was also more than chaotic with clashes between fans and CRS. It is in this atmosphere, on the verge of chaos, that the OM did not manage to qualify for the final of the Europa League Conference …

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