PSG could keep Mauricio Pochettino to recruit Pep Guardiola!

Announced very close to the exit, the Argentine coach could finally stay … And thus allow the club of the capital to believe in its chances to attract Pep Guardiola in its nets.

When he finished his last press conference of the season, after the victory against Metz (5-0), Mauricio Pochettino greeted the journalists by saying: “I hope to see you again next season. A small sentence that made some smile as the love rating of the Argentine in Paris is at its lowest.

Moreover, even after the express dismissal of Leonardo, no one could see how Pochettino would remain on his throne. Yesterday, the name of the Portuguese coach of Sporting CP, Ruben Amorim, was even announced as the number 1 choice of the future sporting director of Paris, Luis Campos. However, the future of Pochettino and his staff in Paris may not be doomed after all.

The Guardiola dream

Just yesterday, Kylian Mbappé confided that he got along very well with his coach. “The only guarantee I have is that he has a contract until 2023. I have a great relationship with him. It is the club that will decide. But I get along very well with him.” Has the number 7 of PSG asked to keep his coach? Nobody knows, but L’Équipe reveals that keeping Pochettino despite the criticism could be a medium-term tactic.

Indeed, the dream of PSG’s decision-makers remains to attract Pep Guardiola into their net. However, the Spaniard’s contract with Manchester City ends in 2023. The idea would be to wait a year before attempting an offensive. Moreover, this would allow the club to save the €15 million corresponding to the severance pay of Pochettino and his staff. The scenario may seem daring but one thing is certain: everything remains open, especially since the newspaper explains that the name of Thiago Motta also remains an alternative in case of Pochettino’s departure.

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