PSG: imminent meeting in Madrid between the Kylian Mbappé clan and Real!

While the idea of an extension of Kylian Mbappé at PSG has been denied by his clan, Real Madrid has already established a meeting with the French international.

The saga around the future of Kylian Mbappé continues and now enters what could be its final phase. In the day of Thursday, Le Parisien informed that an extension of KM7 in Paris Saint-Germain was very close. The 2018 world champion would have agreed with his management to extend his lease by two seasons, plus a third as an option. But only a few moments after this announcement, the Parisian fans were quickly disappointed.

“There is no agreement in principle with Paris Saint-Germain (or any other club). Discussions around the future of Kylian continue in a climate of great serenity to allow him to make the best choice, in respect of all parties, “wrote Fayza Lamari, his mother, on Twitter. She also told Marca that the number one option was still Real Madrid. The Merengue club would have also, still according to Le Parisien, made a cross on the other talented striker of the moment, the Norwegian Erling Haaland, to ensure the arrival of the prodigy of Bondy.

The idea of an extension for Kylian Mbappé is getting darker

So, is Mbappé really promised to the current C1 finalist? If in recent weeks, the striker seemed to evoke a possibility of remitting to PSG, after the end of his lease this summer, the situation has changed once again. Indeed, as revealed by RMC Sport, an appointment is already scheduled for next week between the clan of Kylian Mbappé and the Madrid staff. An information that we are able to confirm.

Time is running out for the French international to officially deliver his decision. There are only three league games left and Mbappé’s contract will end on June 30. An official announcement will take place and the timing is becoming clearer. Two possibilities seem to emerge for the future of the striker: during the last day of the championship or during the next gathering of the French team. Real Madrid and PSG are holding their breath.

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